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Why you have to Select Noon ?

Why you have to Select Noon ?

Noon is the first Arabic website in the field of e-commerce founded in 2016 by Emirati businessman Mohammed Al-Abbar.

In a short period, Noon was able to compete with other large sites, as online shoppers who are in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt enjoy buying all products through the site in addition to saving large costs through continuous downloads on all goods available on the Noon site, which may reach up to 70 % Fast Shipping.

Why do we recommend you to choose a Noon store in Saudi Arabia?

• High quality products.

Noon store is keen to provide high-quality products that come from major brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Nike, Adidas, Dior and others, which led to an increase in website visitors and added increased confidence to its customers.

• Unlimited options and products

You can get everything you need in your daily life from one site, as Noon provides clothes and fashions of various kinds, whether for women and men, or even children's clothes, down to oriental or western perfumes, cosmetics.

In addition to electronic and electrical appliances, car accessories, home supplies, bedspreads and covers, mobile accessories, cameras, printers, books, kitchen needs from groceries and other products.

• Fast delivery and shipping

Noon store is distinguished by its fast delivery of the product to the door of the house without a long waiting period, in addition to free shipping in the United Arab Emirates and for orders more than 200 riyals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• After sales service

Because Noon works hard to satisfy its customers and increase the number of visitors to the site, Noon follows up on its customers after the sale, as it provides the option to return purchases and re-choose a new product or return the product permanently, but stay in the condition that it was delivered to you.

• Discount coupons

To attract more visitors, Noon offers many discount coupons through “Noon coupon code” and “Noon coupon” as well as “Noon discount code” in addition to “Noon discount coupon

Where customers can benefit from a one-time 10% discount on the products they purchased during or outside the promotions period. They can also share this coupon with their friends and relatives, which contributed to the spread of Noon store and the increase of its customers.

If you are in the UAE or Saudi Arabia and Egypt, use the special discount codes from the Noon coupons and take advantage of the Noon coupon codes and discount codes from "The Koupons" website.